Thursday, 13 December 2007

"Most important" Parish Council Meeting will not be attended by either District Councillor

A special meeting of the Nettleham Parish Council, described as "the most important meeting of the Parish Council in years" by one member, will not be attended by either incumbent Liberal Democrat District Councillors Malcolm Leaning or Alf Frith.

The meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, 9th January 2008, is a special meeting of the Parish Council, which was notified to parish councillors at the start of November to make sure that all councillors would be able to attend, the meeting will be discussing matters related to future development in and around Nettleham.

Giles McNeill said:
"If I were Malcolm and Alf I would be at the Parish Council's meeting on the ninth - the meeting is likely to discuss some very serious issues. Having spoken to a member of the committee admin staff in general terms at the District Council it was my impression that only the Chairman was obliged to attend."

Both Malcolm and Alf serve on the District Council's Planning Committee and a meeting of that body is arranged for the same evening. The chairman of the Parish Council went to some lengths to emphsise the importance of this meeting, but Alf and particularly Malcolm remained implacable. However, since Malcolm is no-longer the Chairman of the committee (currently Bernard Theobold, Conservative Group Leader) and it is almost certain that he will be attending to chair the meeting, an absence to attend this crucial meeting of the Parish Council seems the responsible course of action.

At last night's Parish Council Meeting the counciladopted, formally, a policy to ensure that the planning officers and our district councillors are given responses earlier, before planning meetings so they can be better briefed. Malcolm even warmly welcomed the change say that being well briefed was essential. So what is the real reason for his absence? - a question left unanswered.

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