Monday, 21 January 2008

Nettleham to flood again? - Sewage contaminates beck.

Giles McNeill has said:
"I was very concerned this morning as I walked past the beck at several points that it is on the rise. I notified the parish clerk who has ordered 250 sandbags as a priority.

My thoughts and prayers are with local residents who may be affected at this time. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have a repeat of the summer floods."
UPDATE: Giles said:
"The Sandbags have arrived and have been strategically placed - lets hope that the waters continue to subside nd we get a bit of a dry spell. I hav ealso been informed that four of the drain covers have lifted in the Watermill Lane are and that raw sewage is now contaminating the beck - I am more concerned that local children have been playing in the beck and would urge everyone to caution the young against the dangers of such activities during flooding."

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