Saturday, 12 January 2008

Truelove Construction's vision of the villages' future

Nettleham Parish Council convened at the Sports Pavillion to discuss proposals for the removal of debris in the beck near the Watermill Ford and to recieve a presentation from Truelove Construction.

The plans envisage sustainable development for the village until the middle of the 2040s. The proposals included an extensive network of path and woodland development around the village, a new medical practice, a new community centre, a purpose build development close to the new medical practice for the elderly and gradual development of between 300-450 including affordable housing for the young.

Plans are currently in a particularly early stage, but the Parish Council agreed to consult further with Truelove Construction and then more widely with residents.

The East Midlands Regional Assembly will soon make their recommendations regarding housing need in our area and the regional planning policy suggests that West Lindsey will be expected to find land for 552 dwellings per year.

Further information is needed, further consultation is needed, Further consideration of the impact is needed and we will need to be clear about the terms of such delevopment if the council preceeds further.

Giles McNeill said:
"We have been presented a rare opportunity here to direct the course of development in our village to the middle of the century, but we must be clear about what we are entering into should we ultimately decide to give backing to these proposals. I am concerned that such a development may increase flood risk and so appropriate measures would need to be in place. I welcome these proposals and look forward to recieving a more complete and detailed proposal in the future."

Click on the image left to enlarge. The picture shows the Truelove proposal.


Blue: Housing
Green: Elderly Residents Village
Light Gray: Community Centre
Dark Gray: Medical Centre

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