Monday, 14 April 2008

Campaign Diary - Monday 14th April 2008

I went out this morning and walked around the village delivering some literature about the many positive things Conservative across West Lindsey have been doing in recent months and what we will do for local residents if we are the majority after May 1st.

I spoke to one lady who raised with me the issue of speeding traffic along Deepdale Lane. It is hard to believe that the two district councillors and one county councillor, who are all Liberal Democrats have continued to fail over the course of several decades to find ways to encourage motorists to be sensitive to local residents while drive down Deepdale Lane. Their plans to borrow the Road Safety Partnership equipment to measure speeds has failed to materialise; I can only presume it was another attention grabbing gimmick.

I will tomorrow be signing the 'Right care Right deal Pledge' to work to achieve a reinvigorated vision for social care, ensuring we can all have a personalised, easy to understand and accessible system for all. I spoke to a resident of Shaw Way off Sudbrooke Lane the other week and she convinced me that we need to renew efforts to improve social care for all in our community and ensure that we are not blinkered into believing that social care is only required by the elderly. It is clear to me that we can and we must do more.