Monday, 28 April 2008

Campaign Diary - Monday 28th April 2008

The last crucial days of the campaign are upon us and I feel more invigorated than ever. On the doorstep and in the street people are giving me such a warm reception, telling me how much they want rid of the Labour Government and change at the Guildhall in Gainsborough.

A number of residents who have Malcolm Leaning posters on their property have told me that they are supporting me on May 1st - because they recognise that it's time for change. They have lost faith in Malcolm Leaning, who has served for too long, with not enough achieved.

Malcolm's latest 'Focus' leaflet has a number of items that may mislead local people. Malcolm suggests that 'the Parish, District and County Councils are working together to try and prevent any reoccurance' of the summer floods: It is not entirely clear to me how politicians prevent acts of god - all we can do is support local people when these things happen and try and make decisions which reduce the likelyhood and severity of the effects. I have seen no evidence that the Liberal Democrat controlled West Lindsey District Council have acted to implement any of the recommendations of our expert consultants report. Maybe it has something to do with Malcolm not agreeing with the reports recomendation. He has become a roadblock to securing peoples property against flooding.

The 'Focus' goes into some depth discussing Malcolm's use of Information Communications Technology - but within the article it is suggested the Malcolm is Chair of the Planning Committee. He is not. Cllr. Bernard Theobold is Chairman.

A further article implies that the cost of our policy to abolish the charge for Green Bins will cost £54.50. This is wrong. At the moment the Green Bins are subsidised by the Council, residents who have a green wheelie bin pay £24.50. Our proposals are fully costed. The cut is primarily financed through abolishing the endless administrative task needed to collect the fees each year. The Lib Dems are misleading people; our policy is not to give a free green bin to everyone. It is quite clear that the figures used to support there case are those of when the scheme was first proposed. Is it a surprise that Liberal Democrat David Cotton would say "Free Green Bins would add £54.50 to everybody's council tax bill" - he wants to be re-elected. You simply can not trust a word they say. Many people now have green bins. There is a large number in storage - because the Lib Dem ordered too many - so no costs involved in acquiring more to supply increased demand.

I am leading a positive issues and policy lead campaign. My policies include:
1. Bring back concessonary travel before 9:30am.
2. Abolish £24.50 charge for Green Wheelie Bins.
3. Keep Black Bin Collection Weekly
4. Lobby Central Government to fund the police at a proper level.
5. Continue the Councillor's Initiative Fund and split it between local projects in different communities fairly.
6. Get a fairer deal for local residents of the tax we pay to the District Council being spent in our communities.
7. Oppose the significant development of our villages.
8. Work to make our communities safe and secure.

What are the Liberal Democrats offering in this election?