Saturday, 12 April 2008

Campaign Diary - Saturday 12th April 2008

Well polling day is moving ever closer. So now is the time to start articulating what exactly a conservative lead West Lindsey Council would do for you. It means talking about our Green Bin, Blue Bin and Black Bin Policies, Our opposition to Gas Storage Plans, Campaigns for more NHS Dentists, Keeping Post Offices open and support of Social Action Projects: It means talking about how we have been leading the way at West Lindsey despite the Liberal Democrat implementing our spending plans and our policies despite promising voters the opposite.

Over the course of the coming week householders will be receiving an 'In Touch' Newsletter from my campaign highlighting the positive agenda that we Conservatives have put together to improve the lives of real people - it is not an exhaustive list.

Already over 1,500 residents in Nettleham have had the newsletter delivered through their post boxes this morning by myself and other local conservative who want to see change happen. The feedback has already been positive. If you haven't had your copy through the door yet there is one on public display on the Riseholme Parish Council's notice board, it is next to Malcolm Leaning's 'Focus' Newsletter that went out last month; so you can compare and contrast what we are both saying.

I spent the afternoon up on and around Washdyke Lane speaking with local residents about their concerns. Universally they are opposed to the Truelove development proposals, and as I have said before such a significant development would change the village community Nettleham residents enjoy so much.