Thursday, 10 April 2008

Campaign Diary - Thursday 10th April 2008

Election Day will soon be upon us.

I was in Kingsway yesterday evening canvassing local residents and finding out their views. One of the positive comments made by a number of residents is how pleased they are that the Conservative led County Council is going to be shortly resurfacing their paths.

The highways maintenance budget for the county has been upped to almost £50m for this year - which represents excellent value for a county the size of ours.

The £4.63m increase is set to cover the maintenance of roads in more rural areas, including filling in potholes and resurfacing badly affected areas. The increased funds have been drawn from a mixture of financial sources but have not meant a cut in any other services.

I have recieve assurances from Highways Manager, Alan Brown, that Church Street and the village Green in Nettleham will be resurfaced by the autumn.