Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Campaign Diary - Wednesday 16th April 2008

In today's Times there was an article about the Local Elections taking place and I was somewhat surprised to discover that they had ranked West Lindsey District Council as the Conservative Party's fifth top target council in these elections.

Certainly, we have a very good chance on May 1st even despite the nasty way the Liberal Democrats unsubtly tried to suggest earlier in the year that we had been flooded with large donations from the central office and 'big donors' - this is not the case. We are a local party, with local candidates who bring local knowledge. But we also bring with us the support network of being part of a significant national party with more councillors than Labour and the Liberal Democrats combined.

People across the West Lindsey District are beginning to realise the problems that have been caused by two years of Liberal Democrat dither and delay at the Guildhall. It's time for change. It's time to make progress. It's time to improve people's lives.