Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Campaign Diary - Wednesday 23rd April 2008

I have a suggestion for something to ask the Liberal Democrats on the doorstep : "Why will abolishing the Green Bin charge (£24.50), as I and my Conservative colleagues have pledged, going to cost everyone £54.50?"

In my view, the problem is the Lib Dems are trying to deceive voters. We are not proposing the outright abolition of the Green Bin charge all in one go, for everybody. Our policy is specifically targeted at helping pensioners and then to roll out to the rest of the district once we have opportunity. We are not suggesting that everyone get a green bin - but certainly issuing more bins would not be a problem the Lib Dems bought too many and they now cost taxpayers' money to keep in storage.

UPDATE:We had the annual parish meeting last night at the Large Hall at the Old School in Nettleham followed by an Extra Ordinary Parish Council Meeting. It was good to see a number of local residents attend to raise issues of concern. Local Resident will be pleased to know that at the meeting I proposed a motion that will have save taxpayers in Nettleham between £10-£15 a year. Not a bad evening’s work. It was also very good to have Roger Buttery in attendance, the Parish Council's new financial advisor - for too long the Parish Council has been relying on inadequate financial information when making decisions.