Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Campaign Diary - Wednesday 9th April 2008

I was very pleased to receive David Davis' endorsement earlier today. It was a real honour to know that people like David are taking an active interest in the problems that local residents report to me.

When we met we discussed issues of crime and anti-social behaviour that affect rural communities like Nettleham, Greetwell, Grange-de-Lings and Riseholme and what could be done to improve our communities. Local people know that they need a safe pair of hands for a secure future and that what I'm offering. A Conservative government will deliver neighbourhoods that we feel safe in by cutting paperwork and getting more police out on the streets fighting crime. Through my active engagement with the Key Individual's Network we have influenced the local Community Panel to make Anti-social behaviour, Underage Drinking, and Graffiti in and around Mulsanne Park a priority.

I was out canvassing yesterday evening in Nettleham and recieved positive welcomes on the doorstep from local residents. Time and again I heard voiced concern about development in and around the village. Nettleham residents care that the village's services are not stretched to breaking point, they care that development does not increase flood risk and they care that we keep a village community feel to Nettleham.

Certainly the expansion of Nettleham in recent decades has changed the village significantly. The 2001 Census records a population of 3,514. I am increasingly convinced that Nettleham does not want or require further large-scale development and that 400 new homes is not what residents want - regardless of the carrots that may be attached to the stick. Such an increase to the village would add around a third again to our population and make Nettleham more like a town, or worse a suburb of Lincoln.