Friday, 24 October 2008

Having Dinner with Roger Helmer MEP

I had the good fortune to be sat next to Roger Helmer MEP at the Nettleham & District's Branch Annual Dinner earlier this evening.

We talked together for some time, even getting into the intricacies of the D'Hont Method used for the Election of European Parliamentarians from Britain and associated territories - which I found absolutely fascinating, and imagine would render most people bored senseless. European Elections are scheduled for June 2009 next year.

Roger explained his views regarding climate change. Despite what may be printed in the press Roger believes, rightly, that there is climate change; he is however, sceptical about the effect of climate change and the amount of conflicting evidence that can be presented to bolster any number of different positions. So he, like myself prefers to keep an open mind on the question of Global Warming.

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