Thursday, 13 November 2008

Spelman welcomes defection of Labour Councillor

Caroline Spelman has welcomed the former Labour Councillor Lindsey Cawrey to the Conservative Party.

The Lincoln City Councillor decided to defect to the Conservatives after becoming disillusioned with the Labour Party under Gordon Brown’s leadership.

She said,
“My decision was based on my inability to reconcile my conscience with the ‘leadership’ of Gordon Brown, the current Government’s lack of direction, its lack of positive leadership and its refusal to listen to the people of the country.”
Caroline, the Chairman of the Conservatives, described Lindsey as a “strongly committed” councillor, and praised her work on environmental matters.
“Local Government forms the backbone of our political campaigning operation and I am sure that Lindsey will make a valuable contribution to the campaign of our local candidate for Lincoln, Karl McCartney.”

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