Sunday, 18 January 2009

Giles McNeill on the Start of Nettleham & Saxilby Division Campaign

Whilst for many the County Council and European Parliamentary Elections, to be held on Thursday 4th June, may seem a long way off; nothing of substance was ever achieved without hard work and to that end the Conservative’s campaign in Saxilby kicked off today with myself and Rupert Matthews, Conservative Prospective European Parliamentary Candidate for the East Midlands, out and about in Saxilby.

A good number of volunteers turned out to deliver leaflets to the majority of households in Saxilby, and for those of you who haven’t yet had a ‘Saxilby Matters’ it will be dropping on your doormat any day now.

Giles and Rupert inspect a 'Saxilby Matters' at the start of Milbeck Drive.

I was very pleased to have the opportunity to show Rupert around Saxilby. Rupert was curious about the Library and I was sorry to inform him that the hours had been reduced, but that, in my view, had Saxilby had a Conservative County Councillor – who would be listened to by the Council’s leadership – then the hours may not have been reduced.

It was really good weather to be out and about and meeting local people and chatting to them about the issues that affect them. Naturally the economy is at the top of everyone's minds and so I was please to outline what Conservative are doing at West Lindsey, County and National Level to help people.

After the morning session we went for a tour of a number of sites in the Nettleham & saxilby Division. We went to Odder, Burton Waters, Riseholme and to finally to Nettleham before heading into the City of Lincoln to meet with a local business owner who is having a particular problem with European Union regulation.

All in all a full day of activities and I am personally very grateful to Rupert for coming and visiting, campaigning and generally helping out for the day.

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