Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sign up to Honest Food Campaign - as Lincolnshire’s shoppers deserve better

Call to change law to end misleading labelling in shops and supermarkets
Giles McNeill, today urged residents across the Lincoln fringe to sign up to a new petition calling for clearer labelling on food packaging.

The “Honest Food” campaign launched by Conservatives seeks to end misleading claims and ensure compulsory ‘country of origin’ labelling. This will mean that meat products, such as bacon, sausages and ready meals, which carry a British label can only use meat that comes from animals born and bred in Britain. Conservatives are proposing a change in the law to make this compulsory.

Research into everyday products on supermarket shelves has indentified Tesco chicken dinners “produced in the UK” use chicken from Thailand; Marks and Spencer’s corned beef sandwiches emblazoned with the Union flag use meat from Brazil; and goods from the Birdseye “Great British Menu” range are made with imported meat.

The petition can be signed online at: The campaign has been backed by famous chefs, Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall, Clarissa Dickson Wright, Prue Leith and Anthony Worrall Thompson.

Giles said:
“People have a right to know where their food comes from, but there is nothing in food labelling regulation to stop food from abroad that is only processed here from being labelled as British.

“Conservatives would change the law to prevent unclear and misleading labelling so only meat from animals reared in Britain could carry a British label. Shoppers in Lincolnshire would see clearly where their food comes from so they can choose British food with confidence.”

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