Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Not Getting Anywhere - Ray Sellars

County Councillor Ray Sellars (Nettleham & Saxilby Division, Liberal Democrat) admitted at last night's Nettleham Parish Council Meeting that thoughout his two terms, or eight years, on Lincolnshire County Council he had been unable to make any real difference or progres

A resident of the village attended the meeting and raised the issue of the current state of the roads in the village and later in the meeting Cllr. Evans, giving a report on the Parish Plan Committee's progress raised the issue again.

Specifically addressing the matter of the state of the roads in the village Cllr. Sellars said:
“I pursue the matter everytime and I never get anywhere.”
Giles McNeill, also a Parish Councillor, later commented:
"You really do have to wonder what makes people keep standing for office election, after election when they make statements like that. I know that if I were elected as the County Councillor for Nettleham on June 4th I would be doing everything in my power and not just declaring defeat and hoping for a quiet retirement."

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