Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Carswell to table 'no confidence motion' in Speaker next week

A Conservative Parliamentarian, Douglas Carswell MP has said that the petition for a vote of no confidence motion against Speaker Michael Martin was collecting more signatures than expected and that the motion would be formally tabled next Monday or Tuesday.

The BBC report he said that he had collected names from across all three political parties for the petition and he expected more names to be added once MPs had a chance to return to their constituencies and gauge the level of public discontent.

He said that the House of Commons was in a sorry mess, because the good, old boy system is broken.
"Under Speaker Martin the Commons is not doing its job.

"What we need now is a new Speaker with a mandate for radical change to make Parliament work for the people."

He said that the Speaker was not personally dishonourable but that he was "bad at his job and failed to champion back benchers and hasn't held the legislature to account."

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