Wednesday, 27 May 2009

An election pledge we're not getting anywhere else!

Cllr. Alistair Williams (Con. Lincoln Castle), Conservative Lincolnshire County Council candidate for Lincoln North Division has decided to keep politics fun and interesting.

In a statement sent out via facebook to his supporters, in the small hours of May 27th, he has promised to have his legs waxed if elected on June 4th as a County Councillor.

Cllr. Williams says:
"Lets put politics aside for one moment and let me have a moment of madness!

If I get elected on the 4th June for Lincoln North then I hereby promise to have my LEGS WAXED! to help raise money for the new Women's Refuge in Lincoln!

The Women's Refuge is currently short of £35,000 and is in desperate need of funding. so if you want to support me on June the 4th or you want to support Women's Aid or if you want want to see a politician (a male politician!) having his legs waxed for a good cause then please come on Vote Williams.

Just to end this is not a gimmick! I beleive in this cause, and if not elected i will still look for ways of fund raiseing but i wanted to raise awareness to my friends and supporters of this cause and ways in which we can help and also I wanted to give myself a chance to show that there is still some politicians that will do whatever it takes to help others and do the job that we promise to do!"


Anonymous said...

If Mr. Williams was so dedicated to raising money for the Women's Refuge, why not shave his legs before the election date, instead of proposing the idea as a pre-requisit for publicity?

Anonymous said...

if he was doing it for publicity then why did he just message his supporters?