Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Perhaps it is no surprise that private mail operator TNT has been hired by Labour to deliver its Euro election leaflets especially when the company's slogan is 'Sure We Can'. It may come as a huge shock all those Labour backbenchers and activists who have spent the last few months campaigning to keep the Royal Mail free of private influence.

Labour Party sources have confirmed to Paul Waugh of the Evening Standard that Dutch-owned TNT, which is still loathed by some hardline Labour types for its role in busting the Wapping strike, is being hired to deliver Labours material ahead of the European PArliamentary Elections on Thursday 4th June next week.

A Labour Party spokesman said:
"The Labour Party outsource to a direct mail print supplier, who use TNT services and Royal Mail distribution.

"TNT workers are protected by Unite the Union, and offer competitive rates for distribution services."
That will no-doubt reassure those 149 Labour MPs worried about TNT taking a slice of the Royal Mail.

Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles is reported as laughing all the way to the polls about this one. Apparently in the key battleground of Lancashire County Council, the TNT have been doing the business for Labour too. If only Pickles had known that it's not just Lancashire, its the entire country that has the private firm delivering Labour missives.

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