Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Polls open in twelve hours

I have to admit, I never thought that this close to the European and County Council elections Gordon Brown's position would look so fragile.

Five Ministers went public yesterday, including Jacqui Smith - Home Secretary, that they would be resigning at the next reshuffle. The Guardian have decided to publish a editorial this morning blasting Gordon Brown, then Hazel Blears resigned, giving no support to Gordon Brown's premiership. At PMQs Alistair Darling didn't get any meaningful support from the Prime Minister. LabourList reported that two Ministers may resign this afternoon. Rumors abound that John Reid has been sounded out for the position of Home Secretary and apparently a coup is underway to get the 70 Labour MPs to break cover and call for a Leadership Contest.

Tomorrow will be really important not just for who we elect, but for the impact it will have on Gordon Brown's Premiership.

I suspect the odd on Gordon Brown still being Prime Minister by the end of the year have narrowed shortly.

Updates will be live as soon I can put them up from the Count at Gainsborough. I also hope to feed into Ian Dale's coverage on Friday.

Don't forget to vote. Polls open 7am and close 10pm.

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