Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Vandalism at Mulsanne Park

More vandalism has occurred at the Football Club grandstand at Mulsanne Park in Nettleham last night. A considerable amount of damage has been done this time. The large gate on the pavilion has been ripped off, the fascia on the dug outs removed, the steps ripped out (for the second time), plus some Lincolnshire fencing has been broken. The damage caused will likely cost over five hundreds of pounds to put right.

Above: The damaged steps of the grandstand at Mulsanne Park

Nettleham Parish Council staff have managed to get the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), Jackie Parker, to attend the scene this time. Following calls to the police yesterday evening the PCSO had spoken to a group of youths who were drinking on Brookfield Avenue just before 9pm. It is understood that they were not drunk. Names and addresses have been taken, one of which was from Nettleham.

The police response can be sumerised as that there is no actual of proof of who did it (not even the beer cans left on the football pitch) so no action can be taken.

In February, vandals ripped out plastic seating in the stands, destroyed benches and multiple alcohol bottles were discovered in the grounds.

Above: Debris from the vandals attack litters the pitch.

Secretary of Nettleham FC Charles Shaw is quoted in The Lincolnshire Echo as saying:
"Police were called about some rowdy yobs at a nearby street on Monday evening. They were drinking on the street and also seen to pee on the grass verge.

"The police asked them to move on and then the next morning substantial damage to the football stadium was found.

"The club had been complimented on its work in smartening up the football stadium, then you get a visit from these vandals. It won't stop us playing matches, as we won't let them win, but it's very frustrating."
Anyone with concerns or information should contact PCSO Parker on 07944 776801

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