Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lincoln's Conservative-led Council On Course With £1.3m Spending Cuts

Cllr. Darren Drice, Conservative leader of the City of Lincoln Council has announced that the authority has met about fifty percent of its savings targets. In September 2008 the council began a review of services and to date has made £1,300,000 of savings.

The ruling Conservative administration is planning to shave two and a half million off the authority's budget by 2012. Lincoln residents can now expect to see further changes as the authority enters the second phase of improving the authority's financial situation.

Cllr. Darren Grice said:
"The executive would not have wanted to make many of these decisions had financial circumstances been different.

"However, during this challenging period we have a responsibility to Lincoln residents to make sure we make the correct decisions for the future of the council and the city.

"Thankfully we were well prepared for this situation and haven't had to suffer the mass redundancies that other authorities have faced."
It is understood that the second phase of chnges is to include a range of 'back office' services at the council that are less visible to the public.

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