Monday, 21 September 2009

Nick Clegg: Change you can't believe in

Desperately weak stuff from Nick Clegg over the weekend as the Liberal Democrats launched their conference in Bornemouth.
"So the choice before people is the choice between fake, phoney change from David Cameron's Conservatives, and real change the Liberal Democrats offer."
There has definately been some change on offer from the Liberal Democrats - They have changed their line on spending to what the Conservatives were saying when it was not what people wanted to hear. So by making a comparison between a cheap copy and the original item, Nick Clegg might want to consider who's the 'fakes' are.

We can all recognise that the Liberal Democrats are not in a position to change anything. But one option that is open to them is to shift the balance of power across the political spectrum. For instance during Paddy Ashdown's leadership they abandoned their policy of 'equidistance' to side with New Labour against the Conservatives and inso doing they did bring about a small, but significant, realignment in the British polity. They advanced deeply into Conservative held territory, with at least twenty parliamentary seats switching from the blue to the yellow.

Nick Clegg is being cautious: Rather than grab a historic opportunity to challenge Labour's dominant position on the centre-left, the strategy is almost entirely defensive, a desperate attempt to hold on to the Ashdown legacy. It is an approach that displays cowardice, a lack of imagination and hypocracy; an indictment of a party unwilling to stand up for its centre-left convictions.

The Liberal Democrats' Conference cntinues.

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