Thursday, 26 November 2009

Beware Council Tax Scam

Residents throughout West Lindsey are being urged to be on their guard against fraudsters operating a council tax scam.

In other parts of the country there have been reports of people being approached on the doorstep or by phone by thieves who tell people they have either paid too little or too much council tax.

West Lindsey’s Revenues and Benefits Manager, Alan Robinson said:
“The scam works because people are asked to disclose details of their bank
account so that either a refund can be made or a fine for late payment

“In reality all the fraudsters want to do is get access to
their victims’ bank details.

“We are investigating one case of
someone locally who may have been affected and I would urge everyone to on their

There are a number of variations on the scam. People in Bury have been told they are due to a refund because their property had been rebanded and residents in the North East were offered a no win no fee service to claw back £1,500.

Mr Robinson added:
“It would be very unlikely that the Council would approach someone either on the
doorstep or by telephone with information relating to council tax.

“I would advise anyone who is approached to offer to ring us back
on (01427) 676676 to establish if the call is genuine or not.”

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