Sunday, 15 November 2009

Exclusive: Local Couple In Favour of the Rugby Club's Development

Local Couple speaks out in favour of Rugby Club Development
A Nettleham couple,has sent their views regarding the Lincoln Rugby Football Club's proposed development.

They say:
"As Secondary School PE teachers, we believe that any development that encourages children to get involved in physical activity and gives them another focus is to be welcomed. In this instance children from four years old to eighteen years old will be actively involved, and the nature of rugby itself promotes self discipline and respect which are admirable qualities."
In their communication they point out their veiw that the 'green belt' will in effect be kept green, with only one building and a relatively, proportionally small tarmaced area for parking. Secondly that there is already an established sports ground abutting the proposed development - namely Mulsanne Park. Thirdly they believe the Rugby Club will make the effort to engage the community and become part of it, whilst not imposing themselves.

The couple attended the residents meeting organised by Mr. Steven Perkins and the following were raised at the recent meeting, they respond that: Regarding increased traffic. Whilst the Rugby Club claim they will direct the traffic on to the A146 (and we do believe they will, as it is in their best interests), the fact is some traffic will go through Nettleham. In their opinion this will not impact greatly on the village. The two busiest times for the Rugby Club are Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and should people decide to drive through Nettleham when there is a Church wedding or Service on then they will quickly realise there is already a bottleneck and the A158 would in fact be the easier option. Mention was also made of buses coming through the village – there already are school buses and others on a daily basis rather than once a week.

Secondly, regarding the potential for increased light and noise pollution. They believe that when put into context there seems little impact on the surrounds when taking into consideration the light and noise pollution that already exists from the traffic on the A158, the football pitches on Mulsanne Park and street lamps. Taking into account that the light pollution would only be there two nights a week.

Thirdly they mention that there were other complaints at the meeting which seemed rather frivolous, although we are sure no less important to the people involved, for example the impact on horseriding on the bridlepath and the effect the new development will have on those that overlook it; assuming they can see over the existing football pitches!.
"We do know that some residents of the village are concerned about the village ‘growing in size’ or becoming a ‘town’. Once the University decided to expand in Lincoln then expansion has become inevitable. The owner of the land in question is presumably willing/wanting to sell, therefore one must assume there will be a development of some sort in the future. Whether residents are willing or not, change may be on its way in the near future.

"...[W]e are wholeheartedly in support of the proposed development of Lincoln Rugby Club."

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