Saturday, 14 November 2009

Exclusive: One Resident Against the Rugby Club's Development

Local Resident with Experience of Rugby Club Development Voices Her Concerns
A Nettleham resident, with experience of living near a szable rugby development, has sent her views regarding the Lincoln Rugby Football Club's proposed development.

She says:
"My views on the proposal reflect our years of experience of the Rugby Union development at Twickenham! Thank Goodness we have left all that behind and the chaos which ensued on match and pop concert days/evenings."
The points made can be summerized as an assumption that if development at Lodge Lane goes ahead, it will open the floodgates for evening events, helping to pay for the redevelopment (Subject to a licence being issued by the council for each performance - residents will not be consulted at all and many people will just have to put up with loud music whether they like it or not). Residents should not have to endure this inconvienience. The village that local residents are familiar with will change almost overnight.

Further she expresses concern over unsubstantiated rumours that the Rugby Club will not use all the land owned by the University; that a housing development is likely alongside the A158 following the Rugby Club development.

On match days when, visiting teams arrive, in coaches, with their supporters, it should not be forgotten that the fast food outlets will also pitch up in their vans. They will provide plenty of unwelcome aromas for hours from fish & chips, burgers, onions, hot dogs and so on and so forth. From her experience she states:
"I know that rugby players and supporters do not care for club housecatering and require a regular intake of fried food from mobile vans!"
A further disadvantage of mobile caterers is that they will produce, all be it indirectly, a serious litter problem; particularly in Lodge Lane and potentially beyond - no matter how many refuse bins are provided.

Noise and light pollution will carry for some distance.

Her final point is that traffic will increase drastically, she believes, throughout the village as not all cars will arrive from Lincoln via the A158. Some drivers from further afield will want to save petrol by using their Satnavs to access Lodge Lane via Scothern Road and Vicarage Lane, and also via Brookfield Avenue. They will return the same way as, even now, no-one now wants to queue to turn right for Lincoln from Lodge Lane. Lodge Lane she believes is an extremely dangerous T-junction and will require traffic lights, thus rendering delays to passengers driving towards the City from Sudbrooke, Wragby, Market Rasen and Skegness as well as villages east of Nettleham.

One suggestion that is made is:
"Why can't the Rugby pitches be built at the Showground? There's plenty of land there with few neighbours around to be disturbed!"


Anonymous said...

This was a very interesting read, does this lady really think that Lincoln Rugby Club is anything like Twickenham??? I think she needs to go along to a game and see for herself what goes on. We don't have outside caters coming in for a start, so she needn't worry about the smell!!! It's also very unlikely to host concerts of any sort!!!
I just wish that the villages can understand how important this move is. I live in a village myself and it's alway expanding, that's life.

Anonymous said...

I think the original poster has delusions of a Live Aid concert in Nettleham.
Do you not think there is more disturbance from the very large police centre just down the road.
In this day and age of burgeoning childhood obesity and sports facilities being changed into housing complexes, do you not think a good sport, that teaches team spirit and fellowship is something that is needed in villages up and down the country?
The popular theme of books shows a cricket club in every village, so why cannot there be a rugby club in the village.
At Lindum there has never been 'burger vans' at the side of the pitch, the catering is carried out by volunteers, who love watching their children play sports.
There is a huge divide between Twickenham and a local side.
I think your nightmare scenario is a world apart from the reality of the relocation and it can only be a good thing for the community and the rugby club together

Anonymous said...

It is very sad that the people of Nettleham are being fed a diet not of 'fried food' but of blatant misinformation.
If the local residents wish to see what their prospective new neighbours will be like I suggest that they visit The Lindum and not the home of The National team!
As the previous comments state we do not use mobile catering vans and have no aspirations to be a major concert venue.As shocking as some people may find this, we only wish for our children and senior teams to play Rugby-that's it no wild concerts, no catering extravaganzas-just Rugby!

Anonymous said...

The "Twickenham" debate completely misses the point. As for the poster who asks why there shouldn't be a rugby club in the village - I totally agree. A NETTLEHAM rugby team with a couple of pitches would be a fine addition to Mulsanne. A huge regional centre for rugby, serving the interests of the ENTIRE COUNTY, however, would not.

One of the biggest concerns of residents who are against the move focuses on a rugby clubhouse with probable late licencing, not so much the sport. Anyone who has lived close to a licensed rugby club bar with the inevitable parties and discos that evolve is quite right to be worried.

Also the point that villages are always expanding is wrong. If a village expands beyond a certain size it becomes a small town. And when that happens, its village identity is lost forever. Most people who live in villages want the to remain villages.