Friday, 20 November 2009

Lincolnshire Conservative Future Chairman Removed From Office

Mr. Simon Cavalier-Jones, a Deputy Regional Chairman of Conservative Future, East Midlands wrote to local party activists today saying:

"Following recent incidents, on Wednesday the 18th of November Mr. Fraser McFarland was removed from the position of Chairman for Conservative Future, Lincolnshire. We had hoped to make a formal announcement shortly, although Mr. McFarland continues to present himself in post, despite knowing this is not the case."
From the information available it appears that this decision was made by Regional Chairman for Conservative Future, East Midlands, Mr. Hamish Stewart and has been approved by Mr. Michael Rock National Chairman of Conservative Future.

Above: Mr. Fraser McFarland

Mr. Cavalier-Jones commented further:
"The decision to remove Mr. McFarland from post is not one that was taken lightly, due consideration has been given to a wide range of factors and this has been discussed at the highest levels within CF. It would not be appropriate for me to comment further on the background to this decision in a public message. On behalf of East Midlands CF, I would like to thank Mr. McFarland for his efforts and wish him all the best with his Political Activities."
At the Party Conference, in October, senior members of the party, including members of the East Midlands European team, County Officials and Association Officers expressed their concerns over Mr. McFarland's suitability for the role.

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