Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Opposition to Lincoln Rugby Club Mobilies - Update 2

Update to Opposition to Lincoln Rugby Club Mobilises - Update and Opposition to the Lincoln Rugby Club Mobilises.
The Residents Meeting at Nettleham Village Hall seemed to be well attended, from what I observed prior to the meeting, before I had to go and attend the Parish Council's Property Committee Meeting, there seemed to be around 100 residents - a full house - turned out by the time I left.

I spoke to Mr. Steven Perkins, who seemed to be responsible for organising the meeting, and he informed me that one of his main concerns was, in his view, the anti-democratic way meetings had been organised relating to the Rugby Club's proposals.

Mr. Perkins is reported in the Lincolnshire Echo to have said:
"I am not against such a development but no village in the East Midlands, let alone Lincolnshire, should be subject to its peace, tranquility, reputation and character being put in jeopardy.

"There are many open spaces away from villages that will accommodate this development."

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