Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Opposition to Lincoln Rugby Club Mobilises - Update 3

Update to Opposition to Lincoln Rugby Club Mobilises - Update 2 Opposition to Lincoln Rugby Club Mobilises - Update and Oposition to the Lincoln Rugby Club Mobilises.
Ian Dickinson of West Lindsey District Council Planning department has stated comments regarding the Lincln Rugby Football Club's planning permission application that are received from residents will be taken in up until the date of the Planning Committee which is eidely expected to be the Planning Committee's meeting scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 6th January 2010.

Mr. Dickinson has also requested that the Parish Council’s comments be received as soon after the Parish Council meeting on Monday, 14th December 2009 so that they can be included in his report to the Planning Committee.

In another development the Lincolnshire Echo (here)has a piece regarding last night's public meeting at the village hall and quotes President of Lincoln Rugby Football Club Bill Green as saying:
"We addressed several concerns at a previous public meeting that was called by the parish council.

"We've seen the flier going round and they seem to have only selected certain points from the planning application.

"We think the over-spill car park will be used once in a blue moon, we don't think we'll be getting 375 supporters to each game - that is a nonsense.

"As far as traffic goes, the RFU handbook gives directions of how to get to each club and away teams will be directed along a route that does not go through Nettleham. As many of the teams we play won't know the area they will follow RFU directions.

"We have also pointed out the benefits that if we use the ground it won't be developed for housing for 100 years which is a positive for the village and we are planning on planting 4.65 acres of woodland for general use."

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