Thursday, 26 November 2009

Parish Council to Object to Rugby Club's Proposal

Nettleham Parish Council last night agreed to formally object to the proposal by the Lincoln Rugby Football Club, in their role as a statutory consultee.

At a packed meeting held in the village hall, Parish Councillors voted 4 to 3 (with two abstentions) on a proposal to object.

At the beginning of the meeting Cllr. Terry Williams, Chairman of Nettleham Parish Council, made introductions and welcomed the large number of the public who had made the effort to attend and participate.

Cllr. Williams gave a brief summary, by way of a background, to the activities that had led to the meeting last night.

Ultimately, despite pleas from the Chairman that all councillors should attend only seven participated in casting a vote one way or the other. Cllrs. Sellers and Hill were away on holiday and Cllr. Mrs. Davidson was absent on urgent business. Cllrs. Frith and Leaning both abstained as is their tradition in matters relating to planning.

The vote in the end was very close and represented very much the clear division that exists within our community between the 'yes' and 'no' camps.

I believe that the Parish Council will ultimately struggle to provide a substantive set of planning reasons for objecting. For now however all eyes turn to West Lindsey District Council's Planning Committee who will make a decision now expected as late as Wednesday, 3rd February 2010.


Anonymous said...

How can you as an elected representative of our village hold straw polls on you blog and blatantly go against the views and concerns of a very large proportion of village folk.
You are by your actions in favour of the destruction of our quite village by the introduction of a vast sports club when you should hold an unbiased view as befits the office you hold

Eddie R said...

I don't agree with Anonymous (shame post your name!) As Giles stated:

"In conclusion, it is my belief that there are no planning reasons on which the Planning Authority would have grounds to refuse planning permission."

Which is not the same as supporting or opposing the planning application.

I think that Councillor McNeill has demonstrated considerable wisdom and knowledge on the matter of planning.

Martin, Nettleham said...

I don't get why these nimbys think that 30 odd acres of rugby pitches is the destruction of the vilage - it that just me?

Eddie is right, I was at the meeting, Giles went through the things which planning permission can be granted on and he had not found anything that could be objected to on planning grounds.

Whoever the coward is who doesn't post their name probably lives close by an hasn't even read the planning application's documentation.

Mickey said...

Whatever Giles's belief is, it remains the case that Britain's planning laws cleary state that highway safety, noise and possible disturbance are all grounds for planning refusal - and these were all valid concerns raised at the meeting.

My concern is that Giles pursues the democratic process to the best of his ability and and does his utmost to put the Parish Council's case for refusal even though he would like to see Lincoln City Rugby club's new regional centre added to the village. I am sure he will.

It is not being a nimby to be concerned about the impact such a development might have on the village, expecially those living nearby.

I agree that the first poster should have left a name. We should all put our case in an open and amicable manner.

What the meeting clearly showed was how passionately both sides of the argument feel about this. Now we are in the hands of the planning authority and it is up to them.