Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Parish Council's Decision Day for Rugby Club's Planning Application

This evening Nettleham Parish Council will meet to consider the planning application, submitted to West Lindsey District Council (the Planning Authority), by Lincoln Rugby Football Club at a  meeting being held at the Village Hall, Brookfield Avenue, Nettleham from 7:45pm.

The Rugby Club's proposals first came to light earlier in the year when members of the Parish Council were notified by the Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr. Terry Williams, that an article would be going in the Nettleham News regarding a proposed development and that an extraordinary meeting would be convened.

Whilst the Parish Council received a considerable amount of criticism for arranging a meeting for mid July - shortly before the school holidays began - at every stage the Parish Council attempted to conduct itself in an open, transparent and accessible way. Unfortunately because of timing, notice of the meeting went out between issues of the Nettleham News meaning that the council's preferred method of publicity was not an option.

Local resident Mr. Steve Perkins, took it on himself to arrange a public meeting in early November and a petition collected indicated that those attending were 96% against and 4% in favour (sample 104). This contrasts sharply with the poll conducted on this blog where figures at the close of the poll showed only 14% against and 85% in favour (sample 171).

The Parish Council's determination is taken in the light of severe troubles at West Lindsey District Council's planning department which has seen one officer put on suspension, at least one officer has left their post, a political storm which is threatening the stability of the ruling Conservative administration & leadership and one Liberal Democrat councillor who is believed to have resigned because of the problems in planning.

Tonight's meeting is expected to draw a considerable crowd. Mr. Perkin's meeting drew a crowd of over 100 and the parish council expect the venue to be swamped by interested parties. The meeting had to be moved following the interest in this issue.

All eyes this evening will be on the Parish Council's decision.

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Anonymous said...

There are two things you need to remember when quoting the voting figures from the meeting held by Steve Perkins. Firstly the meeting was called for people who wished to oppose the proposed development and secondly the information given by Mr Perkins was very misleading. I would suggest that these factors are largely responsible for the number against the proposed development.