Thursday, 12 November 2009

Parish Council's Tax Freeze Remains Solid.

Update to Nettleham Parish Council Agree Tax Freeze.
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Despite signs that the Freeze in the monies raised by the Parish Council through the Precept was cracking and melting under the heat and pressure of the loss of subsidy to the Burial Ground, nevertheless the Freeze has held firm and solid.

Tonight Nettleham Parish Council met at Mulsanne Park Pavilion for our November meeting. One of the key items to appear on the evening's agenda was item 11 - Burial Ground Matters - at out Budget Meeting at the end of October the Parish Council had agreed to look at the fees charged for burials and interments of cremated remains at the Burial Ground which following the withdrawal of a subsidy from the district council meant that the parish council needed to find several thousand pounds to cover the loss of this income stream.

I was concerned that one of the options presented to the councillors was to effectively increase the contribution made by taxpayers to the Parish Council by a 1.39%. In hard times, when people are facing the pinch of the recession, and inflation (RPI Measure) running at minus 1.4% that could represent a real terms increase of 2.79%. An alternative was to increase burial and interment fees by 50%

Fortunately the Parish Council felt convinced by figures I presented which supported keeping the fees at the current levels. Further, based on the figures for the first half of the current financial year, and the cuts made to the budget to run the burial ground I firmly believe we will be able to provide the burial ground service at no cost to local taxpayers in the future.

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