Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Bailgate Restoration to Begin in New Year

A £1m project to return Lincoln’s Bailgate area to its historic look gets underway on 11 January – and it’s business as usual in the meantime.

'Bailgate Restored' is a Historic Lincoln Partnership scheme which will replace worn roads and paths, repaving with stone to bring back the historic feel. The Roman well and ancient site of St. Paul in the Bail will also be refurbished.

The improvements have been made possible following the Historic Lincoln Partnership (HLP) securing £400,000 from East Midlands Tourism matched with £780,000 from Lincolnshire County Council.

Cllr. Eddy Poll, Conservative (Spalding East and Moulton), Executive Member for Economic Development, said: "
Bailgate is one of the most important and historic streets in uphill Lincoln, but the street scene has been looking increasingly worn and shabby and not setting off the buildings to best advantage. Bailgate Restored is the result and we look forward to this exciting project which will enhance the character of this much-loved area, for the benefit of tourists, local businesses and residents alike. As well as giving the area a lift, this will improve safety and prevent hazards developing.

"There will inevitably be some temporary disruption, but phasing the works in sections and close liaison with local shops and residents will help keep this to a minimum. Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter has the greatest concentration of independent specialist retailers in the Midlands with over 150 small shops that provide both individuality and great service.Shoppers are reminded that all businesses remain open throughout, with pedestrian access maintained at all times.”
The first sequence of improvements will take place between the White Hart Hotel and the Bailgate/Westgate junction and will last for approximately 8 weeks.

Surfaces will be paved in high quality Yorkstone, and 'street clutter' including surplus bollards and signposts will be reduced by contractors North Midland Construction.

All of the uphill car parks will remain open at all times during the restoration project, and the walk and ride bus service which operates between uphill and downhill Lincoln will also be available.

Mr. Mark Hollingworth, Chairman of the Bailgate Guild, added: "
The Bailgate Guild has long been campaigning for improvements to be made to the street scene and so we are delighted that it is now happening. Bailgate used to be paved in York stone and we feel that this scheme will return it to how it should look, setting off the whole historic street scene. As ever, there is some pain before the long term gain, but we would like to"assure all our customers that we will be open throughout the work programme.”
The work is scheduled to be completed around June. For further information on the work programme, will be launched in early January, or call 01522 782070.

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