Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Don't Forget to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Over eight million trees were bought last Christmas in the United Kingdom. Most are thrown away creating over 150,000 tonnes of additional rubbish - which is twenty-one times the weight of the Eiffel Tower. Local residents are bing asked to do their bit to reduce this amount of rubbish by recycling their Christmas Tree.

Green waste wheelie bin collections take place once a month during the Winter period (December - March) and every two weeks throughout the rest of the year.

So local people can put their Christmas tree out in the green bin on their regular garden waste collection day. Check your calendar or visit It would also help if branches are trimmed before putting in the bin.

Alternatively trees can be taken to one the Household Waste Recycling Centres at any of the following locations:

  • Summergangs Lane, Gainsborough
  • Whisby, near Lincoln
  • Great Northern Terrace, Lincoln
  • Bolingbroke Road, FairfieldIndustrial Estate, Louth
  • Redbourne Mere, Kirton Lindsey (in the North Lincolnshire Council area but West Lindsey residents can use this facility)
  • Bigby Road, Melton Ross, Barnetby (as above)

All of the Christmas trees collected will be recycled and turned into nutrient rich compost at one of four sites in the district. The trees, and other green waste, will be tipped by the collection vehicle on to a heap and aerated. The material will then be inspected for any contaminants such as plastic bags and once they have been removed, the material will be put into a pile and shredded. It is turned at least three times until it reaches its final product. This process takes approximately eight weeks before quality compost is produced.

If you have an artificial tree you are throwing away it is important to bear in mind that it will be sent to landfill sites where they are not biodegradable. When you no longer want your artificial tree, you can extend its life by giving it to a local group or Charity shop.

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