Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Green Wheelie Bin Overpayment Rebate

One of the central campaign promises of the Conservatives when they won in the Local Elections in 2008 was a promise to scrap the £24.50 annual charge for Green Bins, initially for pensioners and when council finances permitted, for all users of the service.

The introduction of free green bin collections to everyone in the district means that those who had paid in advance have effectively overpaid. The Conservative administration of the Council have now decided to reimburse those who have been disadvantaged.

The cost of the refunds is being met from the savings that are being achieved by the triple bin waste collection. Repayments will be for as little as £2 up to more than £22. Because of the relatively small amounts involved, customers are being urged to allow their refunds to be credited against their Council Tax.

To make your claim please use the form here.

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