Monday, 21 December 2009

Lincoln Rugby Football Club Battle for Hearts and Minds

Lincoln Rugby Football Club have launched a new phase in their public relations offensive with residents of Nettleham.

Yesterday morning a leaflet was put through the letterbox of homes in the village with the subject headline reading:
"Proposed Relocation of Lincoln Rugby Football Club"
The A5, four page, pamphlet has a three sided, open letter to residents from Mr. Bill Green, President of the Rugby Club, together with a diagramatic plan of the development proposed on Lodge Lane, Nettleham.

Mr. Green begins:
"You will perhaps by now be aware of the planning application submitted to develop land off Loge Lane to be the new home for Lincoln Rugby Football Club."
He continues and talks about correcting a number of misunderstandings that seem to have become popular fact, wishing to reassure residents. His letter includes details of the 8,000 trees that will be planted in conjunction with the Nettleham Woodland Trust, details of the rugby season, the efforts made to reduce the impact of the development both visually and on the environment. In some detail the issue of traffic has been discussed. Towards the end of the open letter he says:
"[W]e hope you realise, we are a community club with strong local roots, and wan tto work with you to get the site right - both for us, but importantly for you too, and become something of which the residents of Nettleham can be proud."
Giles McNeill said:
"I think that the Rugby Club are going to great lengths to win public opinion, something that a lot of other developers don't do. I hope people who recieve this leaflet will read it and it will correct any wrong information that they have recieved."
Following the departure from West Lindsey District Council of Mr. Ian Dickinson, the planning officer dealing with the club's application, it is not now known for certain when the planning application will appear before the Planning Committee of West Lindsey District Council.


Concerned, Nettleham said...

Giles- You are sticking your neck out on this issue, just remember the public feelings at the meeting in Nov, or where you deaf to it...May elections are just around the corner, and you need to serve the people you represent, not just yourself!!
Personally the leaflet has done nothing to allay fears, only heighten them.

Giles McNeill said...

Thank-you 'Concerned' for your comment.

I heard the voices at the public meeting in November, both those in favour and those against. I serve all the residents of Nettleham and put in many more hours than some of my fellow Parish Councillors.

Whilst you may not have had your mind changed by the leaflet from the Rugby Club it nevertheless remains a significant effort on their part to go to the trouble to write and deliver to every household directly.

I resent, rebutt and reject any suggestion that I in anyway benefit from the proposed development.

I would like to remind you that only 1 in 3 members of the Parish Council voted to oppose the planning application and as I have stated and continue to state I do not believe there to be any significant 'planning reasons' on which to object. I think you would find it a lot harder to find out some members points of view.

Chessman-at-arms said...

I don't understand why Concerned of Nettleham is being such a anti-democratic person my own personal straw poll of public opinion from the very young to the old is one of overwhelming support for the project. Giles is listening to the majority (though silent) of Nettleham residents.

The post just seems to be one of fact not opinion, just stating what has gone on.

I was at Church on Sunday and one member and I discussed the leaflet and both agreed it gave clear infomation about the plans and not hearsay and gossip.

Queen of Heart and Minds said...

I think we should all be pleased when activity space for the young people of the village is provided.

I think the rugb club should go ahead and is there any chance of a local swimming pool in nettleham?