Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Morning After the Pre-Budget Report Before.

If the chancellor had a pound for every negative verdict on his budget plans in this morning's papers, the United Kingdom's finances might be in better shape!

The Times says Alistair Darling's pre-Budget report is the latest instalment in a farcical but unfunny comedy series it dubs 'Carry On Spending'. Whilst The Daily Express reports a 'furious backlash' over an epic election spending splurge.

'Pain postponed' is the view of the Independent front page.

A Guardian editorial suggests the chancellor 'did enough... to secure a few not-entirely-awful headlines'. But that prediction is only really backed up by the Daily Mirror, the front page of which offers in tabloid style: 'Bank you Darling!'

"Some early Christmas cheer"
was delivered, it says, by a tax on bonuses
"bashing the bankers who dragged us to the brink of economic meltdown".
More typically, the Daily Telegraph brands it a 'political survival plan' not an 'economic recovery plan'. The Daily Mail suggests that it was a time for:
"acutely painful and inevitably unpopular measures necessary to pull Britain back
from the brink
of bankruptcy".
But the chancellor
"shut his eyes to the reality of our plight"
"the biggest economic crisis of our lifetimes"
Mr Darling's answer is replacing old boilers, jeers The Sun.

And finally The Daily Star offers its readers 'one silver lining', pointing out that:
"Darling's likely to be unemployed himself by next summer!"

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