Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Sir Peter Tapsell Re-Adopted by Louth and Horncastle Conservative Association

The oldest and longest continuously-serving Conservative member of parliament, Sir Peter Taspell, has faced a re-adoption vote by the executive council of the Louth and Horncastle Conservative Association.

The meeting took place Friday, 27th November 2009 at Louth Town Hall and when it came to the vote Sir Peter was re-adopted.

According to one source, it was
"one of the best selection speeches we had ever heard"
in which he talked about his constituency and parliamentary work and the current campaigns in which he he is involved - as well as in highlighting his abilities as an expert on economics and the Middle East. Adds the source:
"On the issue that probably was on the mind of all present, his age, he reassured us that he was in good health and the "ism" that we are all familiar with - ageism - was discussed frankly by him".
Assuming he is re-elected at the general election, he is now in line to become the Father of the House, having sat in the Commons continuously since 1966.

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