Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Snow hits green waste collections in West Lindsey

-But residents told to keep putting their bins out

Snow and ice has caused the postponement of some waste and recycling collections across West Lindsey yesterday, with the Council outlining plans to catch up on collections later this week in a bid to clear waste and recycling before Christmas.

The extreme weather has disrupted collections in many local authorities across the country, with more icy conditions forecast it raises the prospect of further disruption.

West Lindsey District Council explained that it had temporarily suspended all green waste collections because icy conditions had made it necessary to prioritise refuse and recycling at this time. The Council said that with temperatures predicted to plummet to as low as -6 degrees over the next few days emptying garden waste from the green bins is proving difficult it would resume collections after the thaw.

The Council advised residents to put out their waste and recycling as per the advertised times,(visit www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/mybinday for details) but pleaded for patience if collections are affected. It asked that, residents to leave uncollected bins out at their property boundary to enable crews to clear them as soon as it is possible.

As Waste Services Manager Glyn Pilkington explained there has also been some disruption to refuse collection services in some areas.
"The levels of snow and ice on untreated road surfaces in some rural areas around Market Rasen made it unwise to operate heavy machinery in these areas, or for teams to be lifting and carrying heavy waste long distances over slippery surfaces."
While noting that The Council would resume collections
"as soon as possible"
, he told residents in the affected areas that the safety of members of the public and collection crews was his highest priority and no risks would be taken

Adrian Selby, Operations Team Leader for West Lindsey Council explained the decision-making process used when suspending its collections today.
"The decision to make the collection, or to suspend, is taken by myself in conjunction with Senior Management immediately before the collections are due to start. In the event of a decision to suspend the collection, staff are retained until it is decided that collections during that day are impossible. Decisions are made on a day to day basis.

"When collections re-commence, the priority is to recover the lost waste collection routes as early as practicable using all available resources."
West Lindsey District Council stressed to residents that most waste and recycling collections were running today, as scheduled

Cllr. Irmgard Parrott, Conservative (Cherry Willinham Ward), Chairman of West Lindsey’s Community and Waste Committee, said:
"Our fantastic collection crews have been working hard to minimise any disruption to our services and they have been out as normal today.

"We are expecting some side roads to be impassable but any collections are unable to make today we hope to make tomorrow."

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