Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Taxpayers Footing £1,000,000 Bonus Bill

Bonus payments to top policemen and tradesmen in Lincolnshire have cost more than £1million in taxpayers' cash.

The Lincolnshire Echo has reported that the City of Lincoln Council and Lincolnshire Police have been paying the cash to staff over the last five years, on top of their basic salaries.

The bonus bill at City Hall totalled £940,876 between 2005 and 2006, when the council had a Labour administration, with the biggest single payout amounting to £15,001, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Officials from the authority say the practice was stopped in June 2006 and the bonuses were given to tradesmen as part of a national pay agreement.

Lincolnshire Police has paid out £224,693 in the same period within the 'executive', which includes the six chief officers such as the Chief Constable and the Deputy Chief Constable, receiving the majority of cash.

In 2005, the force only paid out £8,297 in bonuses but this has since soared to £43,999 in 2006, £51,560 in 2007 and £60,997 in 2008.

The figures disclosed to the paper for 2009 was £59,840, as of Monday, 7th December 2009. Within the last 12-months the Lincolnshire Police executive has received £52,140 of the total bonuses issued with staff lower down the hierarchy securing the remaining £7,700.

North Kesteven, West Lindsey and East Lindsey district councils and Lincolnshire County Council say they have not paid a single penny in staff bonuses in the same period.

City of Lincoln Council director of housing and community services, John Bibby, said there was no intention to bring them back.

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