Thursday, 28 January 2010

Alan Duncan Spotted At Cornerstone Party

Mr. Tim Montgomerie on ConservativeHome reports that last night at the annual Cornerstone Group drinks party, hosted by Lincolnshire parliamentarians John Hayes MP, Conservative (South Holland & The Deepings) and Edward Leigh MP, Conservative (Gainsborough), that Alan Duncan MP, Conservative (Rutland & Melton) was one of forty members of Parliament present and 'certainly the most surprising guest'. Mr. Duncan famously called Cornerstone the 'Tombstone Group' and lambasted the party's Taliban tendency.

The Guest of Honour was Lady Thatcher was also greeted by about twenty Prospective Parliamentary Candidates. Just about everyone present wanted a photograph of them meeting the woman described by Edward Leigh, Cornerstone's co-Chairman, as 'our greatest peacetime Prime Minister'.

Mr. Montgomerie reports that women were much on her mind as she told the guests, many of whom were female candidates, that 'Parliament badly needed more women'.

Acknowledgement: ConservativeHome | ToryDiary | 28/01/10

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