Saturday, 9 January 2010

Care Home Consultations Criticised in Local Press

The Lincolnshire Echo is reporting that a woman who looks after her elderly mother, says that Lincolnshire County Council is operating in an 'underhand' way in its plans to close care homes, following plans to close eight homes and set up new provision.

Currently there are no firm details of what is to be expected while the scheme is out to consultation with staff, families and communities.
But Mrs. Elaine Smith who's mother Lilian Smithson needs regular care told the paper that she finds the consultation into the closures unclear and ambiguous. She and her mother, who lives in sheltered housing in Bracebridge Heath, feels the council are being 'underhand' about the closures.
"The consultation questionnaires, I feel, are not being genuine about the consultation and I do not think they are being transparent," said Ms Smith, who travels from Ashby-de-la-Launde every day to visit her mother.

"There is so little detail and the questions are just aimed at everyone saying 'yes I agree' but when you break them down, what are you agreeing to? It seems very underhand."

As reported previously the staff at the Linelands Care Home in Nettleham are concerned about the people who go there but  Lincolnshire County Council have stopped them from talking the press.

The paper has an unconfirmed report that the public meeting planned for Monday has now been cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions.
Mr. Nick Smith, the council's lead commissioner for older people, said:
"We appreciate this woman's view about her mother's positive experience of the care provided in Linelands. The council has consistently stated that it is proud of the quality of care provided by staff.
"The issue we are consulting on is how we can match this quality of care with high quality care homes, many of which are dated and can no longer provide the facilities that we would want from a modern care home.
"We are happy to receive comments in any way people wish to send them to us. The questionnaire is to help with this feedback, but if people want to write in and express their views in other ways that is fine."

A decision on the care homes will be made at a meeting of the council's executive on Tuesday, 2nd March 2010.

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