Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Freezing Conditions Postpone Lincoln Paving Repairs

Freezing weather has forced the postponement of paving repairs in Lincoln’s Cultural Quarter.

Re-laying of York stone paving was due to commence on a section of Clasketgate, at its junction with High Street, from Monday, 4th January 2010. However, such work requires temperatures of 2 degrees in order for the mortar to set and forecasts for continued cold conditions and snow mean the county council's highways department have had to delay the works.

Mark Welsh, Area Highways Manager, said:
"It is with regret that we must delay this work, but temperatures regularly at and below zero mean the mortar would not set. We would therefore be unable to complete the work once excavation had taken place leading to extended inconvenience to traders and the travelling public. It is therefore better to delay the works until more favourable conditions in order that once started the works can be completed quickly. We will consequently monitor the forecasts closely for the coming week."
All businesses have previously been contacted regarding the works and Highways have informed them of this postponement and the reasons for it. Shoppers are reminded that access to all premises, car parks and businesses will be maintained during the works, when they take place, with temporary traffic diversions signed throughout.

When rescheduled, the work is expected to take approximately two weeks. A safe route for pedestrians will be available at all times.

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