Monday, 18 January 2010

GE2010: General Election Summary Day #15

Despite the question that Iain Martin of the Wall Street Journal blogged earlier today, the Conservatives policy on marriage is becoming clearer. As a first instalment on David Cameron's marriage policy we are likely to get a £600m Transferable Tax Allowance within the early years of a Conservative government for all children under the age of three with married parents. In a family green paper the Centre for Social Justice sets out the reasons why the two parent family is such a force for social well-being. The Daily Mail continues to blast Labour for neglecting marriage, as in an editorial today. It accuses Labour of being 'deluded' and 'opportunist'. The Conservative policy is praised as 'creditworthy'. The family is one of the top concerns of the paper's Editor, Mr. Paul Dacre. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is undermining the last hope he had with Mr. Dacre by allowing Ed Balls MP to trash the Conservaitve plan to save the two parent family.

The Conservatives promised today to make teaching a noble profession. Jonathan Isaby blogged on the Conservatives' education manifesto. Central to today's launch was the idea of recruiting the very best graduates for the classroom. The media have had fun with the fact that Conservative maths adviser Carol Vorderman got a 'Third' at university but education is the Conservatives' biggest idea and you can't have good schools without good teachers. Recruiting the best and sacking the worst will be an affront to the unions and may require larger class sizes is is likely that most parents will strongly approve.

Reducing Britain's carbon footprint is apparently the lowest priority of Conservative MPs. According to ConservativeHome who released the results of a survey of 141 candidates in the Conservatives most winnable seats that showed broad support for David Cameron's emphasis on the NHS, poverty-fighting and civil liberties. Only 8 of the 141 regarded climate change as their top priority, however.

Fifty candidates have gathered to have their photographs taken with David Cameron today. The Financial Times has the story (here). It will be interesting to see how Gordon Brown features in Labour literature at the General Election.

Acknowledgement: ConservativeHomes | ToryDiary | 18/01/10

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