Thursday, 7 January 2010

GE2010: General Election Summary Day #3

The so-called SnowStorm Plot which found Prime Minister, Gordon Brown MP, faced a backbench revolt looks likely to melt away. Only the usual suspects have really backed the call of Patricia Hewitt MP and Geoff Hoon MP (two people rumoured to have wanted the High Representative of the European Union job that Gordon Brown MP gave to Baroness Ashton last year) for a secret ballot of Labour's MPs. The Labour Party now looks more divided after today. A massive gift so early in the Long Campaign for the Conservatives.

Gordon Brown won another PMQs. Brown seemed to just edge in front of Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions today. He was able to exploit the Conservative leader's unfortunate miscommunication of the party's policy on a married tax allowance on Monday although any feelings of triumph Gordon Brown felt no doubt ebbed away quickly following the SnowStorm Plot which developed throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

A good day for Eric Pickles. CCHQ was quick with a statement from the Conservtive Party Chairman and his media performances were perfectly pitched throughout the afternoon. Watch him here.

A bad day for the BBC's Nick Robinson who initially told viewers that there was no plot shortly before Simon Cavalier-Jones (Lincolnshire CF VIce Chairman) posted on The Conservative Blog and learnt there was one. He also dissed bloggers for suggesting that there was a plot. Guido Fawkes enjoyed some YouTube revenge.

The Spectator remains on the attack against Conservative Party Leader, David Cameron MP. Spectator Editor, Mr. Fraser Nelson, has adopted an aggressive tone towards Mr. Cameron since the start of 2010. The Conservative Party will not like the front cover of this week's Spectator. The edition includes an article by David 'Jeremiah' Selbourne that attacks every aspect of the Cameron agenda.

To conclude there is a new YouGov poll in the Sun this morning which have the Conservatives on 40%(no chance), Labour on 31%( up 1 point), Liberal Democrats on 17%(no change), so virtually no change from the previous YouGov poll between Christmas and New Year.

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