Saturday, 23 January 2010

Is The Circus Coming To Town?

A gentleman has contacted Nettleham Parish Council about the possibility of locating a circus at Mulsanne Park for a two week period later this year, in March.

A descision is expected to be taken at the next parish council meeting scheduled to be held on the evening of Tuesday, 2nd February 2010.

It is understood that the circus promoter will provide a letter detailing the dates the circus would wish to be at Mulsanne Park, the hours it would be operating on, the area of land required, information on relevant insurances, the fee they would be prepared to pay and the sort of circus that would perform.

It is understood that the views of user clubs at Mulsanne Park are being sought. As the sports facilities enjoyed by football, cricket and tennis clubs at Mulsanne Park are financed through a rent calculation based on the operating profit/loss of the site any additional income that can be generated from external bodies is often welcomed as this reduces the rents the clubs pay and the cost to the taxpayer.

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