Saturday, 30 January 2010

Latest News on Rugby Club's Planning Application

The Lincoln Rugby Football Club's planning application to re-locate the club and training grounds to facilities to be constructed off Lodge Lane, Nettleham remain on hold with the planning authority at West Lindsey District Council.

Mrs. Rita Thompson, Senior Committee Administrator, at the council has reported that:
"This application is not on the list for the February meeting. Apparently the Planning Department is waiting to hear from the applicant and hopefully it will be on the list for the March meeting."
Meanwhile the hopes of the Rugby Club's Re-location Committee will doubtlessly be ebbing away as it emerges that Laura Richardson, a Planning Liaison Officer at the Environment Agency, has submitted a formal response, on Tuesday 26th January 2010, objecting to the proposed development. The Environment Agency's response states:
"We OBJECT to this application for the following reasons:
"1. A Planning Policy Statement 25 (PPS25) compliant Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) has not been submitted with this application.

 "2. The proposed development involves the use of a non-mains foul drainage system, but no assessment of the risks of pollution to ground and surface waters has been provided by the applicant. "
It is also understood that Cllr. John Evans who, on Monday 25th January 2010, asked Mr. Alan Brown, from Lincolnshire County Council Highways Department, about their feelings on the application and he is reported to have said that Highways has opposed it on sustainability grounds 'it’s in the wrong place'.
It therefore looks increasingly likely that when the application finally goes before the Planning Committee the application may have substansive objections from consultees - the Parish Council, the Highways Department and Environment Agency - faced with such comments it is difficult to imagine a recommendation from the planning officer being for approval.

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