Thursday, 28 January 2010

Linelands Consultation Meeting is 'Frank and Emotive'

Yesterday evening local residents met at Nettleham Junior School on Mill Hill around six o'clock for a two how consultation meeting. In attendance were members of the Adult Social Care team from Lincolnshire County Council.

Umoung those who are elected members of various councils there was Leader of the Opposition at the County Council, Cllr. Mrs. Marianne Overton, Lincolnshire Independents (Branston & Navenby Division). Cllr. Ray Sellers, Liberal Democrat (Nettleham & Saxilby Division) and Cllr. Mrs. Meg Davidson, Conservative (Fiskerton Ward), on West Lindesy District Council - who is Deputy Chairman of the Health Scrutiny Committee at the County Council.

A number of parish councillors attended, they were: Cllr. John Hill, Chairman of the Planning Committee, Cllr. John Evans, Chairman of the Parish Plan Committee, Cllr. Giles McNeill, Chairman of the Mulsanne Park Users Committee, Cllr. Mrs. Val Darbyshire. It was very good to also see Rev. Jenny Rowley who was in attendance.

No appearance was made by Nettleham's two district councillors; Cllr. Malcolm Leaning and Cllr. Alf Frith, Liberal Democrats (Nettleham Ward) which is surprising to say the least on such an important matter which will effect so many people living within the local community.

The attendance was somewhere in the region of between 70-80, which is very good considering that the meeting had to be rescheduled. This included a number of staff from the care home.

Many local residents and the politicians had their say on there views and the members of the Adult Social Care team did well responding to questions and presenting the information they had to hand.

Giles McNeill said:
"I think the evening went very well, whilst at times the discourse was frank and emotive, at all times it remained civil. It was clear to me that what the people of Nettleham and surrounding area want is to keep the respite and day-centre provision currently provided by Linelands and add to it additional care services, such as extra-care provision and nursing care."

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