Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Update of Rugby Club's Planning Application

The Planning Officer at West Lindsey District Council, Ms Jackie Jones, yesterday joined a meeting regarding the Lincoln Rugby Football Club's planning application with both the Highway Authority from Lincolnshire County Council and the agent involved in the application.

The district council's planning department are not at present in a position to make any recommendation on this application as additional information has been requested particularly in respect of highway and sustainability issues. Further no final report is at present available from the highway authority as they also are awaiting further information.

Ms Jones reports that:
"I am therefore unable to provide you with a date when it would be envisaged to place the application before committee but I can assure you it will not be before March at the earliest."
Doubtlessly those at the Rugby Club will be disappointed that their application is being held up in this way, whilst opponents will doubtlessly rejoice. What is forgotten however, are the people continue into 2010 in a state of uncertainty.

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