Friday, 8 January 2010

Waste Collection Proceed With Caution

Update to 'Snow Hits Wast Collections in West Lindsey'.

Main roads in West Lindsey are passable with care (8 January 2010) and West Lindsey District Council is attempting a restricted refuse collection service.

Blue recycling bins are being emptied in Sudbrooke, Langworth and Dunholme and black bin collections are being done in Welton and Saxilby. Bag collections are also being made in the South West Ward of Gainsborough.

Operational Services Manager, Mr. Glyn Pilkington, said:

"In all probability the collections will be restricted to main roads and it is
unlikely we will be able to get into minor roads. Refuse drivers have been
advised to use their judgement and to only collect if they can do so

"For residents who live in the properties we cannot get to our
message is to leave bins in a safe and accessible place and will get to them as
soon as we are able."

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