Monday, 11 January 2010

West Lindsey Outline Catching Up With Waste Collections

West Lindsey District Council has today confirmed that the improving weather situaion, as a result of a slight thaw, means that today the black bin and bin blue will be collected as per their normal rounds.

West Lindsey District Council anticipate that there will be areas where due to remoteness or having steep hills and so on the drivers may deem it unsafe to collect and the crews have been asked to make a note of these so that we can collect later in the week.
The garden waste (green bin) crews will be used today to assist the other crews and to deal with some of the backlog from last week. The council report that should the weather and the conditions of the roads continue to improve, arrangements will be made to organise catch up collections.
The Council are prioritising on catching up with black bin and blue bin collections over the next week, so there will be no green bin collections during the week commencing Monday, 11th January 2010.
As the forecast is still not certain and further snow showers, some potentially heavy, are predicted across the East Midlands. The Council are asking that those residents who have had missed collection should leave their bins in an accessible but safe position and the council's crews will collect as soon as possible.

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